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Real Examples of Innovative Applications:

Cross Sell

Challenge: An insurance company wanted to cross-sell its other services to existing customers.

Solution: Promote other services and generate sales through incentivising customers to sign up to other or add-on services.

Mechanic: We provided a direct mail program whereby personalised letters with custom-designed inactive eftpos gift cards were attached. A dedicated 1800 number and support line was supplied where customers could register interest. The insurance company was provided program reporting and sales lead data on an agreed cycle. A data file of all converted sales was returned to us of at specified intervals whereby the converted customer’s gift cards were activated.

Result: A significant increase in multi policy take up whist reducing overall costs.

Staff Rewards

Challenge: A nationwide company wanted to reward staff for another peak performance year but needed a gift that would suit various demographics and regions.
They’d had complaints about the previous year’s gift as it was vouchers for a specific retailer but not all staff members were in proximity of that retailer’s outlets.

Solution: Eftpos Gift Cards provided broad appeal for staff as each recipient could use the funds to buy anything they wanted. The cards also provided flexibility for recipients Australia-wide as the cards can be used anywhere eftpos is accepted rather than only in a particular store or franchise.

Mechanic: We provided direct mail services to send co-branded gift cards to a large number of recipients across Australia with varying denominations based on staff performance & individual contribution.

Result: All staff received a gift they were actually able to use which increased employee satisfaction, whilst significantly reducing administration cost and time for head office.

Channel Rewards

Challenge: A B2B channel distributor wanted to boost sales & installations of their products through independent trades people.

Solution: An ongoing loyalty and rewards program where trades persons can earn scaled points for various products sold &/or installed.

Mechanic: We created a program strategy, theme development and managed the program launch with branded introduction packs via direct mail. We provided a dedicated 1800 customer service line and built a customised website where trades persons could create an online profile to register product sales, earn points which converted to dollar rewards that were later tallied and mailed directly to recipients at a specified period.

Result: A significant increase in number of participants reaching targets, increased share of wallet and increased loyalty. Increased interaction with the channel significantly improved relationships and created further opportunities.

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