AMP Bank needed to reduce attrition rates


AMP knew people didn’t enjoy receiving their bills. Or thinking about their bills. So, to make bill paying as simple as possible for their customers, they introduced a direct debit payment option.
They knew this option would lead to improved loyalty, attrition and even an increase in customer lifetime value because, quite simply, it made an unpleasant, often inconvenient activity easy. And there would be fewer nasty ‘bill shocks’ as the money could come directly from their consumers’ accounts without them having to spend their precious time on the phone or paying online. But to start reaping the rewards of their new program, they first needed their customers to adopt the payment method.


direct mail

The client received an invite to swap to direct debit via direct mail.

Eftpos Gift Card

We knew sending reward cards ready to activate would create the best response rates.


Customers didn’t need to wait, they had their reward ready to go in their hands.


Using reward cards doubled response rates compared to previous campaigns.


A branded Eftpos card doubled response rates


To run a campaign like this – with such an important goal – we used the best of our research and experience to optimise the result. We also managed the program and mail-outs on behalf of AMP, to maximise their own internal efficiency.

Our past case studies advised us to include an inactive Eftpos gift card, rather than the promise of one, in the envelope customers received in the mail. The effect of having the card already in the customers’ hands was a proven method – and it worked for AMP. Their previous response rates were doubled – the rates rose to 10-12%!

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