An Energy Company Needed Customers to Swap Services

An Australian energy provider was rolling out a new service. Backed by Australia’s leading renewable energy producer, they were about to begin offering gas. But they needed to do two things to gain market share in their new sector: acquire new customers and upsell their existing ones. They needed a promotion that they could amplify through a mass-market campaign – one that would convince people to make the switch. The problem remained that this wasn’t a decision people made without a gentle (or even a firm) nudge.


incentiveEASY REWARD

The company needed a reward that was easy to distribute, and easy for the customer to use.


Above The Line advertising was used to encourage customers to switch gas services.


An Eftpos Gift Card proved excellent response bait and served brand memorability.


We managed card activation and fulfilment, branded as the client.


Customer acquisition was 450% higher than initial projections.


The Eftpos gift card program helped the energy provider smash even their own predictions of success.

Customer acquisition was 450% higher than initial projections, with ongoing fulfilment playing a key role in increasing demand. The company used radio and TV to amplify their Eftpos gift card offer, but the gift card offer also delivered them word-of-mouth referrals, with a significant increase in brand recognition and growth in the customer database. One simple, tangible, branded asset was the spark that got their new service rolling out across the country.

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