A premium furniture company was looking for a promotion – they wanted to increase the value of their in-store purchases. And the strategy they’d been relying on in the past wasn’t working.

Their previous promotion had been this: customers who spent over $500 were give extra credit to fund further in-store purchases. This was offered as a gift at the end of the sale. But it wasn’t an effective tool – it didn’t boost sales because their customers left already having purchased all that they wanted or needed. They didn’t have a need to return, even if they had credit.

It was clear – they needed an offer that incentivises customers to spend more the first time around, because they couldn’t rely on a round two.


Eftpos Gift CardGIFT CARD

Customers were offered a branded Eftpos gift card.


They received a branded wallet with their card.


The Eftpos gift card was greater incentive to spend more compared to in-store credit.


Customers spent more, because the gift card enticed them.


Eftpos Gift cards increased sales faster,

and more than in-store credits


Before they finalised their purchase, shoppers were offered a gift card; if they spent above the $500 target, they qualified.

Rather than the typical 10-15%, these Eftpos gift cards entitled them to funds 20% of the qualifying purchase. These Eftpos gift cards served as a warm reminder of the company – fully branded with the client’s logo and gifted in a fully-branded presentation wallet. Not only was it the incentive their customers were looking for, it served as a brand-advocate with pride of place in the customers’ own wallets. As both a tool to increase transaction value and to increase brand favourability, it was a winner.

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