Rinnai needed to drive sales for hot water products

Rinnai knew this: it wasn’t the homeowners who were choosing their hot water systems or hot water system part. It was the plumbers and fitters that plumbers that were the primary forces behind what product ended up in their customers’ homes – both at the initial installation and at repair time. Most customers took the product advice of their technician, with little question. So Rinnai needed to find a way to promote their products to the biggest stakeholders in this game – the plumbers and fitters themselves.



Rinnai wanted to incentivise product recommendations.

Eftpos Gift CardREWARD CARD

An Eftpos Gift card was an easy way to deliver the reward.


Plumbers could earn dollar-for-dollar rewards for their referrals.


The program delivered a 25% lift in sales.


Incentivising product referrals delivered a 25% lift in sales



Becoming a favoured product can be a long and fruitless mission without the right strategy. For Rinnai, and countless other brands, Eftpos gift card rewards have become a tried-and-true method of incentivising product choice. By focusing on the people making the decisions, Rinnai turned their hot water products into the preferred product of plumbers and fitters. Using our Eftpos gift card solution, they reformed their referral strategy and transformed their sales. By rewarding the technicians for their choice, they were ultimately rewarded, with a 25% increase in sales over the promotion’s duration.

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